2019 Activities

Ready for the Spring Banquet.  The banquet was great and well attended.
Spring not so great.
 2019 Banquet. 
President Steve presents Jim and Norm their MAFCA awards for years of service to the Superior A's
One lone "A" out of winter storage for the banquet.  It's a good thing we had "moderns" to get us to the meal.
We doubled our "A" attendance. Two cars were out, on a cold wet day with the snow still around at the end of April, for a meeting at Dennis Stanaway"s
A great turnout for the meeting at Dennis S's.  (44 members)  Thanks Dennis and Tanya.
Five Members of the Superior A's trailered to Muskegon with their cars for the MARC Model A Roundup.  A great time meeting many "A" enthusiasts
A meal on a WWII LST at the Muskegon Roundup.  Driving our A's and eating seems to put a smile on our faces.
One of the Muskegon Tours.  A beautiful drive along Lake Michigan to "The worlds largest weather vane". A trouble free trip. 
A stop at the Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners.  Well worth a day's visit
Model A number 1. You may have seen a picture of Henry Ford stamping this one in October of 1927.
Even an airplane powered with a Model A engine.
Our brick outside the Gilmore entrance.