Through the years we have met, learned, toured, or worked with many people who have influenzed us. These people will never be forgotten and remain true Superior A's


          Rest in Peace 

            and know

         You are loved

       and remembered



Information not passed on is lost! The Model A enthusiests listed to the right side of this page spent a lot of time in the hobby. They shared their knowledge and love of Henry's Lady with whoever would listen.

We have been entrusted with this knowledge. In turn we must get the younger generations involved. As our names are added to the list we must insure that there are others to carry on in this great endeaver.

Bob Weingartner   Doug Palmer


Garth Stanaway    James Vincent


Jim Reynolds        Jim Robinson


Joe Villeneuve      Mae Rogers


Marcus Kronauer   Mel Pellinen 


Stan Olson            Steve Brewer  


Don Tressedder     Dick Hendra  


Charles Bond         Paul Jarvi


Richard Watson     David Basal

John Eastley          Carol Luke

Ted & Faye Waldo 

Mabel Pellinen        Dennis Pellinen 

Doug Oliver