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We would like to give a special thanks To Bill Carlson for his recording of and sending out our Monthly meeting minutes. His addition of pictures is greatly appreciated also.



Superior A’s Meeting Minutes


Steve opened the meeting at The Tilden Township Hall with about 30 members present. He also thanked the Hall for hosting our meeting and the members that donated snacks.


Minutes:  The last minutes were read and approved with a motion by Norm Johnson and a 2nd by Jim P.


Financial Report:

$118 in dues has been collected and a globe printing bill of $19.08 were incurred. A motion to approve was made by Joe S. with a 2nd by Dennis S., motion passed.




  • A suggestion to have name tags has been brought up.  Norm will check on prices with the Globe.
  • The Modesto A’s are having a Convention raffle and are looking for a donation. Doug will check up on what other Clubs donated for our Convention.


Old Business:


  • Art G. will be our events planner.
  • Clay is managing the web site.
  • MAFCA Service Awards were discussed.
  • A maintenance day was discussed.


New Business:


  • A suggestion was made to consider having our meetings at different locations, discussion followed.
  • Steve brought up the printer problem and a discussion followed.  It was decided to contract the printing out to the Globe with a motion by Floyd and a 2nd by Norm J.  motion carried.
  • Paul Wilson Jr. brought up the UP Steam and Gas Show on 9/3/18.


A motion to close was made at 6:45 it carried. 

January 30, 2018
Steve opened the meeting at the Cliff Shaft Museum at 6:00 pm with about 33 members in attendance .  Steve thanked the Museum for hosting our meeting and he also thanked Jim P. and Dave S. for the snacks.

Financial Report:
Jim gave the financial report with current expenses and income from dues.  Dick L. made a motion to approve with a second by Floyd J.  The motion carried.

Information from Specialty Cams about their products.  See Steve.
- The Model A Museum is soliciting donations.  Paul W. is our liaison.  Thank you Paul.
-A new member, Laura H. inquired about the Youth Restoration program.  This will be discussed next month.

Old Business:
- Steve asked all members to introduce themselves.
- There is a new member list available.
- Website Scam??
- The Club printer is still in question.  We will continue as we have for now.
- Steve reminded members to think about tour options.
- Model A Maintenance Day was not discussed.

New Business:
- Art G. will help with events planning for this year.
- Clay will be updating the website while vacationing.
- Nominations for the MAFCA Service Award are being sought.

A motion to close along with a second were made.  Motion passed at 6:54 pm.

There are no meetings held in November or December.
October 31, 2017
Steve opened the meeting at 6:00 pm with about 27 members present at the Tilden Township hall.

The last meeting minutes were read and approved.
Treasurers Report: Clay gave the Financial Report.  Jim Penrose made a motion to approve which was seconded by Jim Sicotte. Motion carried.  Clay was thanked for his efforts.

Correspondence:  None

Old Business:  
The new officers were discussed.  Steve will remain as President, Clay will be Webmaster, Norm J. will be Vice President, Bill C. will be Secretary, and Jim P. will be the Treasurer.
Steve reminded members of medical stickers for their cars.
Norm is the keeper of the Model A accessories.
Thanks again to Paul W. for making the timing gear nut wrench.

New Business:  
The club printer is unreliable. Jim M. and Dave O. will check on the status and possible repair.
Dave Basal and John Eastley passed away.
2018 tour options around the lakes was discussed.  This will be discussed again next year.
Model A Maintenance Day will be considered next year along with a swap meet.
Model A recent problems and repairs were discussed, such as carbs, king pins, points and distributer problems.
A moment of silence and prayer was held for members that have passed.
Thanks to Norm J. and Jim P. for hosting the meeting at the Township Hall.  A special thank you to all the members that brought snacks.

Next Meeting:  January 30, 2018

September 26th, 2017
Steve welcomed about 36 members to the Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum at 6:05.  There were 7 Model A's in the parking lot.

The last meeting minutes were read and one correction was needed.  It was that Jim Penrose would be the next treasurer.  The minutes were then approved.

This is a reminder that MAFCA dues are $50 and need to be paid soon if you want to continue receiving the magazine.
There is a free subscription offer again for new members.
International Model a Day was mentioned.  Steve and other members participated and a thank you letter of support along with a medal were received.

Old Business:  
Tom P. won the 50/50 raffle.  Clay will be the new webmaster.
There was a discussion on new club officers and the possibility of some new volunteers.  Jim P. made a motion that Norm be the next V.P. This was seconded and the motion carried. New President volunteers were solicited.
The Maintenance Day for the Club at a future meeting was suggested and approved pending Dick Lutey's arrangements. A swap option would also be included.
Paul W's  suggestion for a moment of silence for members who have passed would be included in the October meeting. Ted Waldo and his wife have both passed recently.

New Business:  
Reminder about Medical Stickers.
Norm has A accessories for sale.
Thanks to Paul W. for making the timing gear nut wrench.
Various recent Model A problems and fixes were discussed.
Model A Johnson will be hosting the next meeting at his home or the hall.
Thanks to the Cliff Shaft for hosting our meeting.

A motion to close at 6:57 was made and seconded. Motion carried.

August 29, 2017
Steve opened the meeting at 6:05 pm with about 33 members at Greg L.'s garage.  There were 10 Model A's and 1 Model T parked outside.

The last meetings minutes were read and approved with a motion by Bob S. and a 2nd by Dave O.  Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: 
There were no expenses this month.  We ended the month with 113 current members.  Joe S. made a motion to accept with a 2nd by Norm L.  Motion carried
- The International Model A Day was discussed.

Old Business:
- The parts swap day discussion was tabled to next month.
- Future trips are in the newsletter.
- Call Diane by 8/31/17 if you are interested in the Labor Day Picnic.
- Call Diane by 9/9/17 if you are interested in the Fall Tour.
- The Bay Cliff check will be sent.

New Business:
- Clay will take over as the Web Master.
- Jim P. will take over Clay's responsibilities and remaining as Vice President.
- Health stickers were mentioned.  See Steve.
- A Model A Maintenance Day was discussed.  Dick L. said we could go to his garage with an advance notice.
- Members with Model A problems could call Paul W.
- Paul W. called for a moment of silence for members that have passed on.
- Model A problems were discussed such as the need to torque lug nuts.
- Two new members, Rudy and Bob, were welcomed.
- Thanks to Greg L. for hosting the meeting and providing the snacks.
- The next meeting will be 9/26/17 at the Cliff's Shaft Mine Museum at 6:00 pm
- Norm will be hosting the October meeting.

- A motion to close at  6:53 pm.  Motion carried.
July 25, 2017
Superior A's Meeting Minutes
Steve opened the meeting by welcoming about 30 members at the Tilden Township Hall.  There were 13 Model A's in the parking lot.

The Last Meeting Minutes were read and approved.
Treasurer's Report:
Clay gave a report on the month's income and total in the account.

- Diane gave a report on the fall tour to Rhinelander planned for September 9, 2017 with a stop in Laona. The trip visits will include a train ride, a museum, and a river tour. Return will be on the 10th.
- The Superior A Ladies group is planning some tentative events including an ice cream social and a picnic.  They will also be working on the next spring tour.
- A Mister Sullivan from Iron Mountain contacted Steve about an event including the Ford Tri-Motor plane on 9/16/17.

Old Business:
- Cancelled events include: the Mather, Teal Lake, and Bay Cliff.  The Negaunee Museum was a success.
- The Youth Award Program was discussed.

New Business:
- International Model A Day was discussed.
- A possible parts swap day was discussed.
- A motion was made to give the Ladies Group $150 by Dennis with a 2nd by Norm.  Motion carried.
-Thanks to Jim, Norm, and the Johns' for hosting the meeting and providing the snacks.
- The next meeting will be at Greg's garage on 8/29/17.
- A new member, Vick, was welcomed.

A motion to close the meeting at 7:11 was made. Motion carried.
June 27, 2017


Superior A’s Meeting Minutes


Jim Penrose opened the meeting at Jim Sicottes’s garage at 6:00 pm with 25 members present.  There were 7 Model As and 1 Model T parked outside.



The last meeting minutes were read and approved by a motion by Dave O. and a 2nd by Jim M., motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:

Clay gave the report with $128.27 income and no expenses.  A motion to accept by Norm J. and a 2nd by Dick L., motion carried.



Doug resigned as Web Master and Public Relations Person.


Old Business:

The Convention funds were discussed.


New Business:

  • A tour Coordinator is needed.
  • The Direction of the Club was mentioned.
  • The Mather show was cancelled.
  • A Model A Day for September was mentioned.
  • A Bay Cliff donation was discussed by Jim Penrose.  The members present decided to make a donation.  Jim Sicotte made a motion to donate $1000.00
  • and this was 2nd by Floyd, the motion carried.
  • The Lady A’s are considering a picnic.
  • Bob Remington was welcomed as a new member.
  • Model A mechanical problems and troubleshooting was discussed.
  • Pasty car meeting on 7/19/17.
  • M&M car show in Menominee.
  • Rhinelander is being considered for the fall tour.
  • Ontonagon fair is on July 28 – 30.
  • Thanks to Jim Sicotte for hosting our meeting and the snacks.

  • Next meeting is on July 25.
May 30, 2017

Superior A’s Meeting Minutes


Steve opened the meeting at his garage with 33 members present with 13 Model A’s parked outside at 6:05 pm.



The last meeting minutes were read and approved by a motion by Dennis S. with a second by Joe S. carried.


Treasurers Report:

Clay reported the current fund balance with no expenses.  Jim M. made a motion to accept with a second by Harry H., carried.



  • Steve received a call from Dave Mowen about a Model A Club that will be in the area on 6/14/17.  The old car Pasty Club will meet with them at John West's in Green Garden Hill.
  • Teal Lake Care facility asked Steve about a Car Show.  It could happen in August.


Old Business:

  • The Banquet was discussed briefly.  Jim Penrose volunteered to plan next year’s banquet.
  • Ted B. reported on the members who helped him get his A on the road.  This was a very nice gesture to help a fellow member.  This was followed by a round of applause.
  • The Spring Tour will be on June 10, 2017 at Paul Wilson’s farm followed up by a pancake breakfast.  Those attending will need to let Paul know by June 8, 2017.
  • The Club is not interested in donating to MAFFI at this time.
  • The MAFCA ambassador item was discussed. If interested contact Steve.
  • The various Car Show opportunities were discussed.


New Business:

  • Worn rear axle tapered fit and shims were discussed briefly.
  • Bob S. mentioned that possible small repair projects such as a horn repair could be a part of our meeting.
  • Norm made a motion at 7:05 pm to adjourn with a second by Jim M., carried.


The next meeting will be on June 27, 2017. 

April 25th, 2017

Steve opened the meeting at 6:00 pm by welcoming about 25 members to the Tilden Township Hall with 5 Model A’s in the parking lot.                                         

      Minutes: The last minutes were read and approved with a motion by Dennis and a 2nd by Bob, carried.

     Correspondence:  Anyone interested in being the MAFCA ambassador contact Steve.  The Modesto A’s requested that all clubs have a 50/50 drawings with half of the pot be donated to the MAAFI organization for building/endowment fund.  This issue will be tabled till the next meeting.           

      Treasurer's Report: There are 91 paid members. Money recieved  and expenditures were discussed.  A motion to approve was made by Ted B. with a 2nd by Norman J., passed.  

      Old Business: The banquet will be held on 5/16/17 at Jerzi’s Sports bar.  The charge will be $18.95.  Members can bring desserts if desired.  The business has a no peanut policy.       A group will be going to help Ted B. install his engine and transmission in May.

·         The Spring Tour will be at the Paul Wilson farm on June 10, 2017, concluding with a pancake breakfast.  Members and their families are invited.  Final details will be discussed at the next meeting.          

 :    New Business:    The medication stickers were discussed.    The Club’s Library was discussed. Keith Johnson should be contacted for information.    Norman discussed the historic license plates.  The Club novelties were also discussed.     Wilbur Leece had a stroke.  Get well.  Congratulations to Mr.and Mrs. Rick Mckay on the birth of their daughter.

·         Next meeting will be on 5/30/17.

Thanks to Norman J. and Jim P. for hosting our meeting and providing the snacks and coffee.

Floyd made a motion to adjourn with a 2nd by Jim M. at 6:49 pm, the motion carried. 

March 28th, 2017
    Steve opened the meeting b welcoming 28 members to the Cliffs Shaft Mining Museum.
    Minutes: The minutes were read and approved with a motion by Joe S. and seconded by Dennis S.
    Correspondence: Mafca recommends that each chapter have an Ambassador. If you are interested contact Steve.
   Old Business: The possible Paul Wilson Pancake Feed was discussed. June 6th would be a possible date. Paul will check with his son to confirm. There will be a donation can to defray expenses. If this is a go it will also be our spring tour.  The annual Banquet was discussed.  6 places were considered.  Jerzi's 41 Club was chosen. The date will be May 6th. We will pay our own costs for the dinner.  The fall tour will be to Eagle River, WI. on September 7th. Steve has a couple o volunteers lined up for the planning.  Further information will be discussed at the next meeting.
    New Business: There is a list of people signed up to help Ted Burson install his engine in May.
    Next months meeting: Tilden Township Hall
Thank you to the Cliffs Shaft Mining Museum for allowing to hold our meeting there. A special thanks to Brad Waters for helping out.
Meeting Adjourned.

February 28, 2017

Steve opened the meeting at 6:00 at the Iron Industry Museum with about 18 members present.

Minutes:  The minutes were read and approved by a motion by Doug and a 2nd by Dave O., carried.

Treasurer’s report:

Clay reported there are 77 current members. There were no expenses since the last report, .  A late bill  for Insurance was presented.  A motion to accept by Dennis S. with a second by Ted B., motion carried.


·         A birthday card was signed by the members for Howard Lehto’s 90th birthday .

·         A problem with tampering on the club web site was briefly discussed.

·         There is sign-up sheet to volunteer to help Ted B. in May 2017.

Old Business:

·         Tours for the season were discussed.

·         The Wilsons were not at the meeting to discuss the Pancake feed.

·         The license plate deal fell through.

·         Wes H. is still looking for good Mdl A pictures.

·         A possible banquet was discussed. Jim Sicotte was not at the meeting.  Mama Mias, the 41 club and Marquette Mountain were discussed.  This would possibly happen in May.  A question was asked who would want to attend, 13 people were interested.

New Business:

·         Some summer activities were mentioned: Negaunee Museum 0n 7/11/17, Bay Clift on 7/12/17, and the Mather Nursing on 7/22/17.

·         A video presentation was aired on the 4 Model A’s that went around the world in 1982.

·         Doug mentioned the new member in the spotlight on the web site.  Get your “A” story to Doug.

·         The next meeting will be held on March 28,2017.

A thank you to the Iron Industry Museum for hosting our meeting

Dave O. made a motion at 19:45 to adjourn with a 2nd by Dennis S., motion carried.