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Members in the Spotlight
      Members in the Spotlight

Members in the Spotlight will be focusing on introducing you to other Superior A members. Because of the large area our chapter covers it's not always easy to know everyone.  You may know the names but not the faces. You see a reference to them in the newsletter or on the website and that's as much as you may get.  The information needed for an article can be found at the bottom of this page.  Get your information in to me or I might have to make something up!!   You may also want to write an article recognizing another member.  Articles will be archived so you won't miss out on a single Member in the Spotlight 

"A" Spotlight on Laura Hallfrisch
I guess you could say that motor oil runs in my blood. My great-grandfather, John Hallfrisch owned one of the first automobiles - a Model T Ford - in the town of Stephenson, Michigan.  His son, my grandfather, quit farming to become a small engine mechanic.  Throughout his life, he restored countless Model A Fords, including his last project, a 1929 AA Police Paddy Wagon built from a salvaged AA truck. When my father was my age, the two of them restored a 1930 Tudor Sedan, which my father still owns and drives.  Many of my fondest childhood memories were made in this car.  I would help wash and wax it every summer in preparation for the Independence Day parade.  As I got older, I helped with maintenance to the vehicle, including greasing the chassis, repairing squirrel damage to the upholstery, changing oil and replacing inner tubes.

In the spring of 2015, Dad brought home the remains of a 1928 Roadster which he had purchased from a neighbor.  It had been left outside, which was evident by the tree stump which grew into the frame.  Based on the parts we had available, we decided to build it into a speedster.  That summer he and I installed both axles and worked on the brakes.  We tried to salvage the motor however decades of water damage destroyed the main bearings.  It was replaced with another early 1928 engine from my grandfather's collection.

In  2016 we brought the engine to the basement where it could be worked on during the cold winter months.  There, I completely rebuilt it:  cleaning out the decades of oil sludge, replacing and lapping burnt valves and repairing a crack in the water jacket.  After reassembly, I was able to hear it run for the first time.
At the same time, I researched various patterns for World War I aviator helmets, which were commonly worn when racing Speedsters, and sewed two helmets from scratch. I entered them in the State Fair where they received a blue ribbon.  Now they are ready for when the car becomes driivable.

This past summer, my dad and I installed the engine and transmission onto the frame.  We had to do a bit of MacGyvering, (the ignition switch was a repurposed light switch, the gas tank borrowed from an old snowblower was bolted to the fender, and the engine revved itself whenever a right turn was made), but it ran beautifully.  We fixed the leaking radiator with a raw egg and black pepper so now it smells deliciously like omelets.  Taking it on a couple of test drives through the neighborhood, we got quite a few strange looks:  the two of us in aviator helmets riding on the skeleton of a Model A Roadster and screaming, It works! It works!

Currently the car is in pieces again.  We discovered a rust hole in the frame and made the decision to replace it.  The engine and transmission are awaiting a coat of paint, but I hoped to have them in the new frame as soon as possible.

I have recently joined the Superior A's where I am excited to meet people like myself who are passionate about the Model A hobby.  Unfortunately, the club is over 60 miles from where I live so that makes it harder to be involved.  I hope to become more involved during the upcoming driving season.

by Laura Hallfrisch
    "A" Spotlight on Rod Swiedals   
I got interested in old cars when I was twelve years old. My Grandpa drove Hudsons when my Dad was younger, so my dad had an interest in Hudsons. He purchased a 1949 Hudson when I was twelve and we started working on it together. I remember going all over the U.P. on weekends looking for parts. I ended up buying a '51 and rebuilding a motor for it. They are both sitting in our garages unfinished. In February 1978 I was eighteen years and my parents bought me a 1965 Galaxie two door hardtop. I fixed a few rust holes, painted it, and put some Shelby rims on it. In April of 1978 I got a job after school, then went full time at Dales Auto Body in Ishpeming. I drove the "65 to work for a few months until I found a 1973 Mustang Mach I. The Mustang became my transportation to work everyday before starting a full rebuild of the car. It went on to win  "Best Mustang"  at the St. Ignace car show in in 1982. In my first summer out of school I also bought a 1938 Chevrolet rumble seat coupe at Iola. I put many miles on the '38 going to car shows every weekend for a couple of years until the Mustang was finished. Both cars were eventually sold and a 1940 Ford coupe street rod was next. I painted some flames on the car and drove it to work every day in the summer, then pulled it apart and rebuilt it the next winter. Around this time I bought a 1937 Chevrolet sedan delivery we found in a junkyard in Wisconsin, three 1957 Chevrolet convertibles in one week, a  Model A fordor, a1931 Chevrolet coupe, a 1972 Dodge Charger, and the 1953 Chevrolet convertible I am currently working on.
       I enjoyed the '40 coupe for a couple of years and then sold it and purchased two cars in one weekend. The 1934 Ford that I have now and a 1936 ford coupe from Bob Lajeunesse. The '36 was totaled two weeks later when a car crossed the center line and crashed into me. The owner of Pete's Auto Salvage got it and rebuilt it. I needed a car so I built my '34 in nine months! Since being built it has traveled in twenty four states, Washington, D.C., and Canada.It has logged over 145,00 miles.
     Sandy and I dated with the '34. It was our car for our wedding, honeymoon, anniversaries, and was even used to bring Kyle home from the hospital when he was born.   

    In 1991 I got a new job just 3 1/2 miles from home at Baraga County Road Commission so I purchased a `35 Ford to drive to work in the summers. One morning after years of driving it to work, I hit a deer and it was totaled out. I kept the `35 and purchased the `31 Model A truck I currently have. When I purchased the truck in 2001, it had only 300 miles on it since its restoration in 1978. Since then, we’ve put on 13000 miles.The Model A became my transportation to work until I became a foreman and got a company truck to drive to work. Now I use the truck for hunting, fishing, and daily transportation around town. About 5 years after buying the Model A, I heard about the Superior A club and joined it in 2007. Sandy, Kyle and I have really enjoyed the tours, pancake breakfasts, and other events that have taken place.
    I’ve had some interesting times driving the Model A, like when I was coming from a meeting in Skandia and I made it all the way to Michigamme where I lost the rear wheel on Main Street. Another time it got stuck in a sand pit where I was hauling sand for cement work and I had to walk to get a tow. Yet another time we were at Silver Lake, north of Ishpeming with the Boy Scout troop for the weekend when the cut out on the generator burned out and burned out the coil, condenser, points and lights. Another tow was underway! The first vehicle that Kyle, age 13 at the time, ever drove was the Model A truck when mom wasn`t home and dad and Kyle were left home alone. Fun times and memories that will last a lifetime.
    Spring can`t come fast enough every year to take the Model A and`34 out for the summer!
Kyle and the Model A
    A Spotlight on Steve and Diane Pellinen

Steve was born and spent part of his childhood in Waukegan, Illinois. In 1964 his family moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He finished school and got a job with Elson’s Coca Cola. In 1972 he enlisted in the Army National Guard.  Diane and Steve met in 1974 and were married in 1975.  They are the parents of 2 children and have been blessed with three grandchildren. Steve is semi retired and drives school bus a few hours a day. He is the president of the Superior A’s Chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America and a member of the Negaunee Rod And Gun Club. He enjoys camp and the sauna. Due to his Finish heritage he enjoys learning, speaking, and writing the Finnish language.

Steve and Diane have been members of the Superior A’s since its origin. They own a 1930 Tudor that is on the road and used as a daily driver. Steve has been working on restoring a 1931 Coupe since 1998. His doodlebug is used as an ATV and snowplow.

From an early age Steve had a love for the old Ford Model A. As a child his family would come to the U.P. to visit his Grandparents. At about 4 or 5 years old he loved to pretend to drive Grandpa’s Model A. His love of the Model A blossomed from there.

            According to Steve one of the best highlights of being in the hobby has been all of the people he has met from all across this great land of ours. Not just only from here, but from other countries as well. God has truly blessed us with those friendships
Steve at a fall tour Stop
Steve and his Sister in Grandpa's Model A
                    "A" Spotlight on Larry Mantta

      Larry has been a member of the Superior A’s for eight years. He is originally from Alston Michigan. Larry served our country in the United States Navy for twenty years and finished out his career as a federal civil service mechanical engineering technician.  Starting from age 13 he has owned four Model A’s. He got started in the hobby as a kid trying to keep them running so he had a car to run around in. He enjoys seeing other Model A’s and meeting new people. Larry feels we need to pass this hobby on to the younger generations

"A" Spotlight on Guy and Vickie Forstrom
           Guy and his wife Vickie live in Quinnesec, MI. He has been a resident of the area for forty years. His Grandfather worked in the Ford plant in Iron Mountain. His love for old cars stated at a young age .He purchased a 1930 tudor when he was fifteen years old. Presently he owns a 1929 Model A pickup, a 1957 Chevy Nomad, and a 2009 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

            Guy enjoys repairing old radios, writing, collecting Ford memorabilia, and of course old cars. The restoration of the Breitung Township Fire Departments Model A fire truck was an undertaking he enjoyed. Guy was appointed to the Menominee Range Historical Society a few years back.

            He has written several articles for national car club magazines on Henry Ford and friends in the Upper Peninsula. In 2011 he released his book, “Camping in Cloverland with Henry Ford". Guy has been a member of the Superior A’s since 2011

Guy and Vickie's 1929 Pickup
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