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As you look at the lists of books and magazines in our library you may wonder how to find what you are looking for. As you may know MAFCA and MARC each have indexes for all the issues on thier websites. Steve Plucker has a website dedicated to the Model A Ford. One of his projects was to list articles from several resources by subject matter. They are listed according to the Ford part numbering system.

The list starts with the wheel group A-1000 to A-1999 and continues all the way through. It also includes information on various books on the A. Due to the lenght of the list (193 pages) a link to his site is provided below. Pull up his site and look it over. Its a fantastic resourse for a wealth of information.

Found some new booklets and will be adding them to the library.  Steering Overhaul, Front End, Zenith Carburetor, and Shock absorber.  A nice Lubrication and Periodic Maintenace Chart has also been added
A huge thank you goes out to Karl Bosk for his generous donation to get our library started. His many years in the hobby and collection of literature will greatly benefit our chapter. 

Below are links to pages containg the material we currently have in the Superior A's Library. The Model A News and Restorer magazines are listed by volume and issue. Individual articles within the magazines are not listed. The Model A Ford of America has a list of the articles on their website   The Model A news to my knowledge has no such data base for their magazine. The Manuals and Technical Information is self explanatory by their titles.

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