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Monthly Meeting

February 26, 2019

Dennis Stanaway's

6:00 PM 


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2016 Fall tour

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We had a great turnout to start the 2019 season despite some below zero temperatures. Nobody attempted to bring their "A" but it was mentioned they weren't turning over too fast.  (Do they ever?). Thanks to all who attended and thanks to the Cliff's Shaft Museum and Bill for coffee, cookies and hosting the meeting.

Are you looking for an "A" of your own?  Check out the beautiful roadster for sale in The Bone Yard.
Fall 2018 - Another restoration getting ready for the 2019 Superior A activities.
I think the job includes some fun along with the work. Doug and Pat seem to be enjoying it.
The Superior A's at Ford Airport in Iron Mountain with the Ford Tri-Motor on International Model A Day September 2017
Fall Tour 2017
Our stop for the evening where we enjoyed a great meal.  As a bonus we gained a new member with the  beautiful A pickup pictured at the beginning of the line.

 A Special Fall Edition  Copper Harbor Tour

            The grand finale for the 2016 touring season was the Fall Tour to Copper Harbor. It was ten years ago when we made the last tour to Copper Harbor. Two of the thirteen “A’s on this years tour were part of the original trip. As you all know it was a soggy start. We left the Elks club at 7 A.M., so the first half hour headlights were a must. The first change to our schedule was a unanimous decision to stop at the Hilltop for breakfast. A good decision as everyone had a better chance to greet one another over breakfast and a cup of coffee. Our tour guides, Rick and Becky McKay had a terrific two day tour planned out for us. Our first stop was the Quincy Smelter Tour in Hancock. Yes, rain had dampened us and the tour site but not our spirits! All the visitors and staff were excited to see so many Model A’s. Pictures were being taken from all directions. This is where we met up with Rick and Becky (and our unofficial mascot dog, Lempi). Our guide at the Quincy Smelter was extremely well versed in the history of the copper mining industry and made exciting to listen to him. Then it was off to the Waterfront Restaurant for lunch. Overlooking the harbor’s beautiful view added much to our time there. Our little Model A’s then took us to Jampot. What’s that, you say? The Monks from the area have a small bakery in which we were able to purchase sweets, coffee beans, and other bakery goods. Like Steve and Judy Jarvi mentioned, the carrot cake frosted muffins were the best. You decide! About a hundred yards before the bakery was a beautiful waterfalls for all of us to admire. Oh yes, I forgot to mention on our way to Jampot we took a short break for roadside repairs. Dan and Nancy Hill’s 1929 pickup gave them a little trouble. With several Model A doctors around the truck it was soon up and running in no time flat. By now the skies were clearing as our Model A’s filled the parking lot at the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse and Museum. The Historic Settings were just as they were years ago. Plus!! As a special treat, Rick played the theme song from movie “The Sting” and the “Sauna Song” on the piano. It was a nice touch. Displayed in a separate building was some history of the area and a 1927 Chrysler. Not a Model A but it sure was interesting to note that it had a Zenith carburetor on it.

As the afternoon slipped by it was time to head to Brockway Mountain and the Minnetonka Motel. We parked along side Minnie, a 1929 Model A pickup, that owner and Superior A member Judy Davis keeps parked out front. After checking in at our motel and cabins and relaxing a bit, it was off to the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge for Dinner. What a beautiful rustic place they have. They even had a real wood fire going in the fireplace. Not gas. One young fella at the lodge asked if he could take pictures of the cars. He also took a group picture of us under the Bull Moose. He asked if he could post it on Facebook and we said it would be alright. Look for us there. With the days getting shorter, it was headlights on for the drive back to the Minnetonka Motel.

After a great nights rest it was time for breakfast at the Pines and Tamarack. Before heading out Norm Lind’s coupe was being a little stubborn starting. Art said they were doing a little surgery on it. Clay asked if we had the tour kit with us. Yup we had it. It came in very handy this trip. Judy Davis and her daughter asked if it would be ok to take a picture of our cars in front of her motel, The Minnetonka, with Minnie (1929 pickup). Judy also invited us to walk through the motel museum. It was very interesting to say the least. She will be posting this on her website.

The first thing on the Sunday morning agenda was the Delaware Mine Tour. Other then a couple of puddles in the parking lot the warm sun was giving us a great start to a new day. After watching a safety video and getting our hard hats it was off on our self guided tour. It was amazing how men of that era put in their days work. There were both above and below ground artifacts and displays. Interesting enough, after the tour, the owners brought in their pets. We were a little surprised as they were holding skunks. Once again several other visitors were snapping pictures of our Model A’s. Sometimes you have to wonder where these pictures go and where they’ll turn up. Anyway off we went. It was a beautiful day for traveling. The scenery along the way was just gorgeous. Every so often on these trips we see something really different. As we drove along the way (being an election ear) we drove by signs that read Jim Vivian for an office. Well for those that don’t know the Penrose’s, that happens to be their first names. We kiddingly mentioned we didn’t know they were running for office this year. Our travels brought us to the Hut Inn Restaurant in Mohawk. Steve and Rick filled us in on the rest of the day’s agenda. Upon our departure the skies cleared and with the warm temperatures, Rick put the top down on his phaeton. We all headed for the Laurium Manor. What a beautifully restored mansion. The tour was breath taking. It was amazing as to the size, character, and quality of workmanship that went into such beautifully restored building.  As a special treat the owner brought us across the street to see his project car, a 1929 Pierce Arrow. It was something most people will only get to see in a book. It was truly a magnificent sight to see. We met up with local members, Clifford and Barbara Junttonen, as they knew we were in town. It was great to see them both.

By now day two was starting to slip by with one last stop on the tour. That was to treat ourselves to a deviliously delicious ice cream treat. Wit that and a full tank of gas it was time to head south. This was one truly amazing tour. Like all of our tours it was a one of a kind. Places, people, stories, memories, and just a plain good time with friends all along the hub in our Model A Fords. Already looking forward to the next one!!!

                                                   Vintage Car Values and Insurance


In response to a question on getting an appraisal on your car for insurance purposes , we contacted Hagerty Insurance. Hagerty does not require an appraisal for insurance. You can determine what you would like to insure your car for. You must send in an exterior view photo . They also need to know if any modifications have been made to it. They will review your request and either issue you the insurance or contact you for clarification. Contact them at or phone 1-877922-9701.