The Bone Yard

The Bone Yard is open to all members who wish to sell, or are looking for Model A or "T" related items. Listings will run for one month unless relisted.



Wanted: Model A Enthusiasts

As you may know, the Superior A's are  a proud chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America. We encourage all of our members to join this fine organization. Pictured above is the cover of the March/April issue of the Restorer. The magazine is included with your membership. Great reading, club activities, great tips, and parts suppliers/sevices can all be found inside the covers. Check them out at  and become a member.

Window Decals, Hats, License Plates,and Patches

Superior A's Window decal   $8

Superior A's Hats                $15

     hats include embroidered

        logo on front and name on back

License Plates  Blk $15  Wh $14

Patches   $6.50   

For more information Contact    Norman    906-486-8096



To place an ad on this site you must be a member of the Superior A's Ads are limited to Model A or Model T parts or associated items. Ads are placed free of charge. Ads will run 60 days unless previously arraigned.


I'm in the process of rebuilding a multi disc clutch for a 1928 Model A. Does anyone have any clutches laying around that have lined discs including "throw out bearings?     contact Ted Burson  906-573-2779


1928-29 Roadster Doors    David Ollila  906-942-7292


Any parts for a 1928-29 Model A pick up    Marty Heikkinen    906-238-4228

Cab and door parts


Wanted: looking for a wheelwright to straighten a Model T wheel. Call Fred at (906)884-4371


For Sale

Parts for sale:  Model A:  Engine $250, Transmission $75, Front Axle $100, Rear End  $Call, Crank shaft   $50,    Cam shaft  $25,

Model T: Engine transmission and flywheel gears $100, Front end $75, and rear end $100           Contact Bill Korby 906-475-6302


Rebuilt Distributors   modern or original    $98 plus shipping    Denny Curtis

989-305-7009 or

If you need any Zenith carburetors rebuilt, contact Frank Oatley at 906-249-4305

They are bead blasted, all passages are cleaned, jets are soldered and re-sized if needed, throttle shafts are bushed, unit is painted and bench checked for leaks.




                             Superior A's Parts Inventory
Over the years the club has acquired parts from various sources. These parts are available to club members who have a need for them. Our hope is that if you need something you can exchange it for a part you have and don't need. Paul Wilson Sr. has provided a storage place for us to keep them and is also the contact person if you need something.

Following is a current list of parts in inventory.
Model  A or T parts
         3   Model  A Blocks    One block has pistons and valve train in it
         2   Valve side covers
         1  Cam Cover and half moon cover
         3  Oil pans   (rusty condition)
         2   Cranks
         1   Flywheel
         2   Pressure Plates   ( rusty)
         1   A intake manifold
         1   Steering gear box   2 tooth
         1   Model T Mag Coil        
Other Parts
         2  Chevrolet 4 cylinder engine blocks