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                                              Tool Crib
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Some of our fellow Superior A members have generously offered to lend out specialty tools that they have. We have compiled a list of tools that can be borrowed out allowing you to complete some of the repairs that you previously would not have been able to do. If you have a tool or two that may help out some one in our club, drop me a note and we will add it to the list.
Camshaft nut socket
Distributor bushing remover
Steering wheel remover
Brake drum remover (groove and collar for car)
Brake drum remover  (AA Truck)
Venturi Puller
1/2" reamer for distributor bushings
King pin bushing reamer - bushing remover
        Contact Paul Wilson Sr.  906-226-2455 for above tools
Valve Grinding set
        Contact Harry Hannula for the above tool  906-249-1541
Rear Spring Spreader
Front Spring Spreader
Engine Lift Eye-bolts
Two piece fan shaft puller adapter
Gas Gauge removal tools
Frame Spreader
Engine Stand Adapter for Model A Engine
        Contact Doug Oliver  906-774-5978 for above tools