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The Superior A's and the Model A Ford Club of America would like to invite the youth of our area to get involved in our hobby. Sign up now for A World.  The publication about Model A Fords designed for kids. Go to for more information on how to get started.

Olivia Oliver   The Rumble seat Queen
The 2016 Spring Tour came to Iron Mountain Saturday. My Granddaughter Olivia Oliver tagged along to see the cars. On the way to meet up with the group she asked if she could sit in one of the cars. She got more than her wish. Bob and Rose said she could ride with them in their two door sedan to the next stop. When I got out to the parking lot Olivia was nestled into the rumble seat of Floyd's coupe with a huge smile on her face. Rose dubbed her the Rumble Seat Queen.  On the trip over to the restaurant she again rode in the rumble seat Finally she rode with Bob and Rose to the museums. Her Grandmother asked if she would like to go shopping with her, but said  she would rather stay with the model A's. I think her next step will be taking the Lady Drivers Course. Well, maybe a few years down the road
Judy Jarvi provided this photo of her young neighbors Aiden and Landon Steele enjoying the fall colors and Paul's Model A   In the lower photo Aiden shows his Gangsta style.
















Youth Sc


Youth Scholarship Application Guidelines


A discussion will be held during the February 2018 meeting as to whether or not this will be offered for 2018.

-Total of $1500 in scholarship available.

-Open to youth 10-19 years of age, must be members of Superior A’s

-Assistance request must be used toward restoration of a 1928-1931 Ford Model A

-Restoration of modified cars, i.e. street rods will not qualify.

- The intent is to provide assistance to youth who are working on their own project, with intentions of enhancing interest in Model A Ford restoration.

  Application process

-Letter application addressed to Superior A’s Model A Club, Attn: C. Johns

Indicate a description of the project, stage of restoration, what is needed to augment the        project. Include pictures of current project and a list of parts needed with prices.

Identify current ownership of vehicle you are working on

Indicate contact information, phone, email if available, and your current mailing address.

Applications must be received not later than September 15, 2014.

Scholarship committee will review and make recommendations of award to the board of   directors at the September meeting.

Multiple awards may be made, at the sole discretion of the Board.

There is no guarantee that any or all applicants will receive an award, or that requested  amounts will be awarded.

Awardees will receive some or all parts indicated in their application and the parts will be paid for by Superior A’s.


All applicants will receive a free one year membership in  Superior A’s Model A Ford Club

Have you ever considered where our hobby is headed? Look around at the next meeting. What would you say is the average age of your group?  Where are the younger people? It’s time to get the youth involved! When you are working on your car do the Grandkids want to help? How about the neighborhood kids? Get them more involved by signing them up for “A World”, a publication designed for the 1st through 12th grade Model A’ers. The last issue was twelve pages of reading, activities, and games. Everything they need to learn more about the hobby we all enjoy. After reading it, I realized it’s not only the kids that can learn from it. It is published four times a year. Go to the Model A Ford Club of America ( ) website. Click on the youth tab and follow the directions. It’s time to actively get the younger people involved in our great hobby. Sign them up today and keep our hobby’s future alive.

In order to promote the youth movement, this youth page will become a permanent part of our website. Tell the grandkids, neighborhood kids and even us older kids about it.

Top photo: Kyle behind the wheel of Dads pick up

Lower photo: Kyle and Dad enjoying the Twenty Millionth Model A

     I would like to introduce you to Kyle Swiedals. Kyle is the Superior A's contribution to the youth movement. He is thirteen years old and has been with us on the Model A trail since 2008. He learned to drive his Dads Model A pick up in the fields around his house. He has participated in tours to Iron River, Cliff's Cottage, Fayette, Iron Mountain, Ontanagon,  Escanaba, and the Presque Isle Ice Cream Run. The 2013 Fall tour to  the Apostle Islands eluded him as school got in the way.

    You may have seen him at one of the many Wilson Farm Pancake Breakfasts. Starting in 2008 he has attended the Progressive dinner, 2009 -2012 Christmas parties, and in 2013 the First Annual Superior A's Banquet. 

    In June of 2013 he could be found at the Registration Table or volunteering for other duties at the Model A Ford Club of America's 27th National Convention.

    Kyle is an avid reader, enjoys video games and is active in the Boy Scouts of America. Parents Rod and Sandy, along with Grandparents Joe and Kathleen Swiedals are steering Kyle along the road to a bright future with many great memories.  

Steve Pellinen sitting behind the wheel of what was to become his first Model A.  His sister Susan was wondering what kind of trouble he was geting her into now.  He was part of the youth movement way back in 1955

Paul Oliver working on his Jukkari. This was his Grandpa's snowplow.

Of course as you can see it's a 1929-30-31 A and AA. It has a 3 speed and a 4 speed tranny back to back.